About Us
The Misssissippi Bombers are comprised of the top softball athletes within the area. Our local program is part of the nationally recognized Texas Bombers founded by Scott Smith. Before joining the Bombers we were know as the Tupelo Express and most recently the Mississippi Express.
 Between the 3 organizations, Tupelo Express, MS Express,
and the MS Bombers:
  • We have fielded 15 years of girls Fastpitch teams in all age groups, as well as won 2 National Championships (ASA in 2012 and USSSA in 2011)
  • Our coaches are ACE Certified
  • Locally we have helped over 30 girls reach the collegiate level of fastpitch softball
  • We have players from as far away as 200 miles playing for us
  • The Texas Bombers have helped over 300 girls reach the collegiate level of fastpitch softball
  • We are one of a very few number of teams in the state that play a national schedule
                                      WHY BOMBERS
TEAM PRACTICES: With a coaching staff that is passionate, dedicated, qualified, knowledgeable and coach for the players.

OUR OWN FIELDS: We have access to our own fields through the Tupelo Public School District

ATHLETIC TRAINING: Take your game to the next level by developing your speed, agility, flexibility, strength & technical skill during the off season with our own core training coach

OVER 340 ATHLETES IN 10 YEARS CONTINUED AT THE COLLEGIATE LEVEL: These numbers rank us #10 in the country by US Club Rankings.

INFORMATION SESSIONS: We guide our athletes through the recruiting process with informational sessions and direction by our national Recruiting Director Brian Repole and your local coordinator.

FAMILY CULTURE: A family culture with a focus on the "LOVE OF THE GAME". Our directors are all active coaches.

SISTER PROGRAMS: National and Regional teams participate in honoring Fallen Soldiers, Police, Fire, and War Vets by recognizing them on the back of our jerseys. Portions of our fundraising is also donated to the 4 The Heroes Foundation.

PLAN EARLY: We take great pride in being very transparent. Season Details are published early and are as accurate as possible.

ORGANIZATION: We make it easy on our families by having a stable, structured system that is extremely efficient.

COMMUNICATION: Communication from administration and coaches are clear and timely. Our own website with team and individual photos, schedules and coaches contact information are readily available.


   ANNA WESLEIGH RIGGS - 2009                              KAITLYN CASTLES - 2009                                                 KATIE HANCOCK - 2009                        KATIE COLE - 2010                                                     ABBY STAFFORD - 2014                                                   REAGAN ALDRIDGE - 2014 
   TAYLOR CRESAP - 2015                                            TIANNA CASTILLO - 2016                                                CASSIE OBMAN - 2016                          KAITLYN OSWALT - 2016                                         REBECCA SHEFFIELD - 2017                                            GRACIE MCCLESKEY - 2017
   JESSICA LEWELLEN - 2017                                       BAILEY MASSEY - 2017                                                     KELSEY GERHART - 2017                      SUMMER CRYDER - 2017                                         KATIE LAWRENCE - 2017                                                  KARLEE KRAFT - 2018
   CHANTEL SCHURR - 2019                                        AQUANA BROWNLEE - 2019                                           TAYLOR KING - 2019
   KAT KNIGHT - 2020                                                   JOVI JONES - 2020                                                             TIARAIN SAUNDERS - 2020

The Mississippi Bombers
Welcome to the web page of the Mississippi Bombers, a division of the nationally recognized Texas Bombers. Click the Red button below to be taken to the National site of the Texas Bombers. Click the Blue button to be taken to our recruiting profile page.